How to Start Wedding Planning: 2 Important First Steps 

As a wedding planner, I have a number of conversations with couples both engaged and those who are in serious relationships and thinking about getting married down the line. And there is one thing that’s very clear: people have zero clue about where to begin with planning a wedding.  

And I get it - it’s not something they do every day and most times they are the first ones in their family to be planning a wedding with multiple components as is common of today’s weddings. 

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So what’s a couple to do when planning a wedding these days? 

Well I’ll tell you what not to do/worry about first - your wedding hashtag. 

You’re probably looking at me side-eyed right now like, “Really Jumi, is that what people think about first??” 

Simply put: yes. 

People go all kinds of crazy when it comes to finding a wedding hashtag. And it drives me crazy. Like whyyyyy are you worrying about your wedding hashtag when you don’t even know who is catering your reception? Or worse yet, WHERE YOU’RE ACTUALLY HAVING YOUR WEDDING?!

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest. If you’re a newly engaged couple or a couple in a serious relationship who will be planning a wedding soon, let me give you TWO things to do to jump start your wedding planning. And if you haven’t read the previous post about the questions to ask your fiancé before wedding planning, read that first and then come back to this post.

Create a top 3 list

What is important to you when it comes to the wedding? Is it how the food tastes? Is it making sure people can drink all night? Is it a venue with a view?  Is it making sure all 250 of your closest friends and family members can attend? Is it being able to look at your pictures and videos for years to come and reliving all the moments like they were yesterday? 

Write a list of THREE things that are most important to you. I say three because it really helps you narrow down what you should focus on to start. It’s easy to list more, but hard to really zone in on those most important. So, start here. 

Figure out where your money is coming from 

You had to know this was coming. You need to create a budget. Set time aside to talk to both sets of parents and see how much they can commit to contributing. Then, sit down with your significant other and see how much each person can realistically contribute based on your CURRENT situation. Don’t bring in any hypothetical situations here - you need to know exactly how much money you’re working with before you even start looking for vendors. 

The initial stages of wedding planning are stressful enough so I don’t want to overwhelm you with a list of all these different things to do to get started - trust me, these two are enough and they’ll give you enough sub-tasks to keep you busy for a bit. 

But once you’ve finished with these, come back to me and I’ll help you figure out the next steps! 

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