2 People You MUST Talk To When Looking For Your Wedding Venue

A photographer & A Newlywed

You’re probably wondering - “Why these two people?” Well, let me break it down.



Photographers are asked DAILY to come to any given location to take photos for people. Given the trend of people wanting their photos to look like they were in the most exotic location - this opens up photographers to having IN-DEPTH knowledge of the available venue options available. They probably don’t even know how much knowledge they have about the venues in their respective cities. But trust me, they do. From the fancy lobbies of hotels, to the remote side streets that open up to plush greenery and open space, photographers are not only your best friends at your wedding, but they are an invaluable resource when you’re first starting the planning process. They’ll be able to tell you if a venue has good lighting/bad lighting and amazing scenery or if its a drab space that doesn’t photograph well (and no one wants that!). Photographers all have their favorite places to shoot and they’ll be more than happy to share this list with you - just ask!

A Newlywed

They’ve already done the research! (or their wedding planner did). But either way, they more than likely have a healthy list of of venues that they can offer to you. Instead of starting from scratch by searching, “wedding venues in [insert your city here]” - why not just ask a married couple about their venues - both the one they went with and those they didn’t go with. They can tell you everything you need to know about respective venues from the price, to the catering options, to the overall ambience - things that are super important when deciding on a venue. As one of the many essential wedding elements that make your wedding unforgettable , don’t ignore the people around you who recently got married. Their knowledge is power. They are your allies and one of the first people you should speak to when you start your wedding planning journey.

Jumi A