5 Ways to Make your Guests More Comfortable at your Outdoor Wedding

I love summer weddings, especially when they are outdoors! The sunshine, the near perfect temperature, the scenery, the outfits, ice cream trucks as the dessert station, the pollen, the mosquitoes...

Okay, maybe (read: definitely) not those last two - but I add them to the list because with summer weddings comes bugs and other annoying things that make people really uncomfortable when sitting outside! 

You can help your guests out by being prepared with allergy and bug alleviating remedies. You can also take the extra step by letting them know (on the invitation) that part or all of the festivities will be outdoors. They will definitely appreciate the efforts you're putting into making sure they are comfortable. 

Here are some ideas you can consider when planning your outdoor wedding that will make it comfortable for everyone:

                 Mosquitoes hate lemons!

                 Mosquitoes hate lemons!

1) Place bug spray, repellent towelettes, and anti-itch cream discreetly throughout the venue 

2) Use bug repellent lanterns and candles like citronella candles as part of your decor

3) Provide allergy medication such as Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra in baskets located in the bathroom

4) Have a designated respite room which can serve as an escape area for guests who have allergies that flare up during the ceremony

lavender gives a pop of color and serves as a bug repellent!

lavender gives a pop of color and serves as a bug repellent!

5) Ask your florist to incorporate flowers and plants that mosquitoes hate into your centerpieces and bouquet


If you're a bride with seasonal allergies - you'll want to have all your allergy defenses by your side, specifically in your wedding-day emergency kit - think non-drowsy antihistamines, tissues, eye drops, cough drops, and hand sanitizer.

I know this may be a lot to consider on top of everything else you're thinking about but just think how gross it would be to have mosquitoes and gnats landing in your drinks OR adding a bit more texture to your reception desserts OR to watch your wedding video and instead of hearing your partner say "I do" all you're hearing is "achooooo!" 

I'm just saying -  a little preparation goes a long way when it comes to having the wedding you envision!

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below or reach out at dunniweddings@gmail.com.