3 Ways to Help Your Guests Save Money to Attend Your Wedding


I don’t spend that much on myself in a month.

I don’t even spend that much in a year on shoes – and anyone who knows me knows that I love me some shoes and will buy a pair at the drop of a dime.


It’s likely that you may not spend that much in a month, or a year, but you may just spend that for an event that takes place over the course of 1-2 DAYS!!

According to a survey by The Knot, $888 is the average amount guests spend on weddings.

Average Spend

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – bridesmaids and groomsmen – you’ll be spending even MORE than that - $266 more, to be exact.

So, to all my lovely couples who want 400 of their closest friends and family members to show up to their wedding, here are some things you can do to make sure your guests don’t have to take out the equivalent of a student loan or end up like this lady.

1) Give your guests ample time to plan for the wedding

  • Especially if you’re having a kid-free wedding which is becoming more common - your guests with kids, who don’t have regular help in their home state but may be able to get their in-laws/parents to come stay with their kids for the weekend will need time to plan accordingly.

  • We all know that while you can get last minute travel deals, if you want your guests to RSVP on time, make sure they have time to set travel alerts and find the best travel deals if the wedding is outside of their hometown or in an exotic destination.

Give your guests time to find the best travel deals

Give your guests time to find the best travel deals

2) Keep the swank for yourself when picking a hotel for guests

  • You love the Ritz, but realize that your guest’s budget – doesn’t. So, if you’re setting a room block, make sure the hotel is still within a good distance from the ceremony and reception but don’t insist on a 5-star hotel that costs as much per night as some people’s rents. $650/night - no thanks. 

This lady spent the equivalent of over $5400 on hotels over 4 years. **facepalm slap**

3) Dress Code

  • Please don't insist on one. If your guests have several weddings to attend in a year, the last thing they want to do is find a new outfit for each wedding because each one has a different dress code. 

  • If you want to ensure guests dress appropriately, give specifics about the location. On the invitation state – “the wedding will take place in ____ location – please dress accordingly.” Or you could say something like please refrain from wearing the following: denim, flip flops, sweatpants, shorts, and the color white”

  • You should know your guests – know how they’ll feel. Will your guests be completed annoyed that you’re calling for a black-tie optional wedding where they have to wear formal suits and ball gowns? If so, opt for something like dressy casual

Back to that lady again - she spent the equivalent of over $2,000 on outfits over the course of 4 years. **double facepalm slap**


Would you turn down wedding invites if it started to mess with your finances? How do you decide which weddings to attend and which not to attend? I'd love to hear your thoughts!