5 unique dessert alternatives to the traditional wedding cake

People come to weddings for food, drinks, and music - oh, and you of course! They come for an experience that they can talk about for months, even years, after the wedding. They want to have fun, they want it to be memorable, but they don't want to remember being hungry at the end of the night. 

As you're planning the menu with your caterer, make sure your selections are good, really good. Remember those times you've gone to a wedding, waited for 1-2 hours only to finally sit down at the reception and have COLD, BLAND chicken breast and then a dry yellow cake??! If you're reading this, I already know you're not about that life, and your guests probably aren't either. So do us all a favor, and make sure your food is good, no, GREAT. Now that we're on the same page about the importance of your food, lets take it a step further and talk about desserts. Since I love desserts (at least those that don't have nuts), I'm here to give you 5 non-cake dessert ideas!

1. A cookie buffet! There are SO many options for making this uniquely your own. You can have cookies to match your decor, you can have cookies that have special meaning to you and your fiance, you can have gluten free cookies, you can have cookies representative of your respective cultures. The ideas are endless! Add some milk to this cookie buffet and your guests will never leave that dessert table. 

2. Pies! I haven't met anyone who doesn't like pie - rather everyone has their favorite type of pie - so make them all available! The pies you choose could depend on the season in which you marry. Just make sure your caterer pre-slices the pies to make it easy for the guests to take a piece. Better yet, get mini handheld pies that your guests can easily grab and go! 


3. A dessert bar! How nice would it be to have an assortment of brownies, cake pops, cookies, rice krispies treats, mousse cups, and mini flourless cakes. If you're having a brunch style reception, consider adding some muffins and scones to the table.

4. Ice Pops! If you're having a summer wedding and it's hot outside -your guests will really appreciate this! Especially if you get creative and have some boozed up pops for the adults.  Another frozen option is my personal favorite - Dippin' Dots!

5. A fruit themed table! Add some candy caramel apples, mini cream and fruit tarts, maybe even a cheese tower surrounded by trays of fruit.

If you are embracing your culture and have particular desserts that are unique to that culture, consider adding those to your dessert table. 

What desserts would you like to see at the weddings you attend in 2018? Share below! 




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