The difference between the venue coordinator and the day-of wedding coordinator

Do you know the difference between a venue coordinator and a day-of wedding coordinator? I bet you didn’t' even realize there WAS a difference! Well, there is, and I'm here to hip you to why knowing the difference is paramount to making sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch!

Venue coordinators are extremely integral to you throughout the wedding planning process. They are your go-to person for all questions pertaining to the venue, the surrounding area, and are even key resources to finding vendors you may still need. They sell the value of the venue to ensure your utmost comfort and confidence in the decision you made to choose that venue. But that's just it, they work for the VENUE, not you.

It is not the responsibility of the venue coordinator to make sure every detail of your big day falls into place. They don't manage any of the vendors you've personally selected, rather, their focus is on managing their in-house team. Their responsibility is to make sure your experience with the venue is flawless, to protect the interest of the venue, and ensure the terms of your contract are honored.

"Handling the little things" <--not one of the responsibilities of the venue coordinator.

Enter: the day-of coordinator.

The day-of coordinator, works for YOU. Their sole responsibility and focus is on YOU, your wedding party, your family, and your guests.They will look out for your needs as a couple, ultimately ensuring you are relaxed and stress free and working to make sure the entire wedding day is running smoothly.The day-of coordinator is there to serve your interests, going above and beyond your expectations to ensure you get the wedding of your dreams!

"Handling the little things" <--major responsibility of the day-of coordinator

In summary, while there is a huge difference in the set of responsibilities between a venue coordinator and a day-of wedding coordinator, together, they make a FANTASTIC team and having both at your disposal throughout the planning process and on your wedding day is the best-case scenario for ensuring your dream wedding becomes a reality.

P.S - If your venue has told you that they'll help you coordinate your wedding, that's awesome! But do yourself a favor and also get a day-of wedding coordinator.